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CHESSit 2021

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CHESSit 2021

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  1. Please submit your FIRST and LAST NAME, AGE and Phone number by clicking on the “REGISTER” on the right panel of this page.
  2. All the participants need to log in 15 min early to their scheduled time  since the tournament starts on time.
  3. All the participants need to be available throughout the tournament time.
  4. Each round will start after every round without any breaks in between.
  5. Player with White pieces need to make their first move in each round quickly. Delay in doing so can result in kicking out of the tournament.
  6. There will be a maximum of 6 rounds in each category.
  7. Pairing will be solely done by computer using the Swiss pairing system.
  8. Participants should not get any help related to chess games throughout the tournament. The coordinators will be closely watching the games and any form of misconduct can lead to disqualification from the tournament.
  9. Feel free to communicate through WhatsApp group if there are any trouble or questions. Reach out directly to Venkatesh (tel: 215-200-5237)  for game log in and rules related questions.
  10. You need to contact Venkatesh immediately if there is any unexpected issues during the game like logging    out or closing the browser etc.
  11. Please use a laptop or PC for the game.

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Date And Time

2021-10-16 @ 09:00 AM to
2021-10-17 @ 07:00 PM

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