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World Malayalee Council, Washington DC province that covers Tri-state
(Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia States)

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World Malayalee council or abbreviated as WMC was formed on July 3, 1995 in New Jersey and currently have over 70 provinces around the world. WMC is a non-sectarian, non-political community organization providing a global connectivity, fostering friendship and fellowship among malayalees across the globe and having several platforms under its umbrella for training, empowerment, service, support and charity.

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Our Mission
World Malayalee Council shall be working closely with the people of Kerala origin across the globe.
WMC effectively promote Malayalees integration, exchange, cooperation, empowerment and recognition through programs, projects and institutions innovative nature in the fields of economic, cultural and social enhancement and empowerment to augment and channelize the Social capital of the Malayalee Community for a productive and sustainable future.

World Malayalee Council aims at creating a dynamic link between the Malayalees around the world and our motherland to enhance and empower the malayalee community, our core values of Diversity, and Excellence.

Upcoming event: Rhythm 2024 Dance festival

Highlights of past events


Onam Celebration in Virginia
Celebration of Onam festival provides Virginias with a perfect opportunity to encourage the new generation of children of Kerala origin to witness, learn and appreciate these rich traditions, even while it offers the first generation Malayalees to stay connected and cherish the rich cultural heritage they hold so dear to them as well as it serves as a way of showcasing these traditions to the larger American community.
WMC’s promotes children to adopt Malayalee culture and heritage
Living in America that is far away from our homeland, in the midst of different cultures, busy with the day-to-day activities, work and home tasks, the Malayalee community made this “land of opportunities” their home, have brought with them these cultural traditions and have sought to pass them on to their children, who are often born and raised here.
Malayalees in Maryland
During ONAM season the ambience of Malayalee Marylanders was filled with nostalgia since it was an occasion for all the Malayalees in this area to cherish their childhood memories, especially when everyone enjoyed ONAM Sadhya served on banana leaves. Legendary King Mahabali was welcomed to the venue of the program with pancha vadyam and a warm traditional welcome by women, who later on performed Thiruvathirakkali, folk dance etc.


Played at: WMC -Washington DC Province Website launch event on October 5,2020
Singer: Sushma
Played at: WMC- Washington DC Province Website launch event on October 5,2020
Artform: Mohiniyattam
Artist: Dr.Kala Ashok
Played at : WMC-Washington dc website launch on October 5,2020
Art : Snake dance
Artists: Dr.Kala Ashok and Ms.Aathira Shahi


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